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Why aluminum?

Aluminum and its alloys have become one of the most common used structural materials. Aluminum excels in properties such as light weight and high strength; some aluminum alloys even have higher strength than structural steel.   Aluminum alloys are low density, high plasticity, easy strengthening, weldable, high corrosion resistance, good thermal conductivity, high heat and light reflection. Aluminum can be easily processing into various shapes and carry out all kinds of surface treatment. Most importantly, for our environment, the aluminum’s low melting point makes it easy to be recycled and remake into products. ...

Began in 1953

Welcome to MinTa Aluminum

MinTa Aluminum was established in 1953 in Tainan, Taiwan, throughout continually dedicating efforts in metal processing for over half the century. Today, MinTa has the capability providing customers a complete solution in supplying aluminum profile.

The company was founded as a steel tube processing manufacturer for bicycle industries. Engaging into aluminum business by foreseeing the rising trend in using Aluminum replacing steel and chromoly steel. By better serving our customers, MinTa started the Aluminum production sector in the new millennium. During the past decade, the company had a total investment reaching 30 million US dollars, successfully vertical integrated in aluminum profile procedures, which includes Aluminum Billet Casting, Die casting and tooling design in house, Aluminum Extrusion, CNC Milling in cutting, bending and punching, Surface Anodizing, and Hydroforming… etc.


Our product applications

“Passion, Precision, and Perfection” have always been our team’s belief in delivering our customers with the satisfactory solution more than we promised. To pursuit the perfection of quality products also to carry on our long tradition of excellence. Our company has certificated with ISO 9001-2008/TS-16949 in automobile industry, which approve our dedication to ensure the quality and precision manufacturing capability.


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